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Be informed! Know your status with an in-home HIV test shipped to you. We are available to help through every step.

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After you complete your test, submit a photo of the test results through the “I Finished My Test” section of this site below to claim a $15 gift card.

1 (833) NMX-TEST

1 (833) 669-8378

What to Expect

Maintaining a healthy HIV status for yourself and your partners involves checking and knowing your own status! We’ve made this possible no matter where you are in the state of New Mexico. A free, 20 minute OraQuick HIV test kit is available to ship to your address for your use in the privacy of your own home. This is the same oral HIV test used in many clinics and testing centers across the country. To perform the test, you’ll only need to be able to wipe a testing swab along the gumlines in your mouth.
No blood and no sending samples to a lab.

I Finished My Test

Congratulations for taking charge of knowing your status and being in control of your health!
Claim your $15 gift card. Be ready to take/upload a picture of your test and have the secret code you were assigned. Enter the code in the field below and click submit to start.

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What If

Then we help you get started with a confirmatory test and into care.

Then we talk with you about PrEP or other ways to maintain your status.

No, this test can only detect if there is evidence of HIV in the body.

This test can only detect evidence of HIV that has been in the body for 30 days or more. This is called a ‘window period’. Call us so we can discuss your options.

Give us a call so we can answer your concerns and help ease the anxiety you may have. Having the test in your hand and outside of the shipping box may also give yourself more confidence. You are in control of your body and your health.

Don’t forget, there was a reason you wanted to take the test initially: to take charge of your health, know your status, and ensure that you are going to be the healthiest “you” possible! However, if you are sure that you won’t take the test, please call us to learn how to dispose of the test properly.